sneaselkat said: Hey, I know you get a lot of ldr problem asks, so I thought I'd share a success story for inspiration! We met over facebook of all places, he lived in Canada while I lived in Tennessee. A month before i left to boot camp, he traveled on a looong bus trip from Ottawa to Memphis just to see me. It was the best week ever. We've met a few times since, but a year later and we are happily married and living together in Charleston!

That is really great! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Saturday Aug 23 @ 03:33am

Anonymous said: All of his friends love me, but mine hate him. He stayed here for a week, I planned group evenings for them to get to know him & all that - they didn't show up or talk to him, have decided that they dont like him, push for me to see his flaws & for me to break up with him. He's my only friend, my parents are my only supporters. Im not interested in drama, I leave for a missions trip next year & can make real friends then, but I have a year til then. How do I get my "friends" to like him for now?

Short answer: you can’t. If they didn’t even try to get to know him while he was around, they’re not going to suddenly like him now. You don’t need any of that negativity. Hang out with people who will be supportive instead and don’t let anyone get between you two. Stay strong :)


Saturday Aug 23 @ 02:38am

vynddori said: Hi! My girlfriend and I are in a ldr. I don't actually know if I should call it that, she lives an hour or two away. Her mum might not let her see me, she doesn't know she has a girlfriend because she doesn't know she's bisexual. My girlfriend is scared to come out so it's not a problem with us really, I understand. I just want our relationship to work. She's the girl of my dreams, but I'm worried that if we don't see each other often, our relationship might end. I don't know what to do.

Keep good communication and even if you don’t get to see each other that often you can still maintain your relationship. Can either of you drive? You could meet somewhere public and she can tell her mum she’s hanging out with friends. If there aren’t any problems with you two you should be okay. 


Saturday Aug 23 @ 02:25am

tatianaskye26 said: Okay so I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 2 months but before that, I waited 5 months for him to figure out I liked him. We live in the same town, so we see eachother a lot. But his dad's job might make them move to Germany.. And the odds of him staying here are reallyy slim.. I don't know what to do because Ive been in ldr's before, but not one with the other person being that far away. I'm so scared.. When he leaves it's gonna kill me.. What should i do? /:

If you both really like each other than try another ldr and see how you go. You’ll never know if you dont try!
Im from australia and my boyfriend is from Canada. It’s pretty far away but it’s definetly do-able :)

Thursday Aug 21 @ 07:32pm

Anonymous said: a yr ago today, my boyfriend told me a heartbreaking news that he was leaving for canada (like live and work there) and we're from philippines. i got mad and tried to break up with him 'cause i was so emotional and because i dont want to be in ldr. i feel like im gonna be alone. he's my only friend. but then i stumble upon this blog and felt inspired 'cause i'm not the only person who's experiencing this. also my friend was in ldr with his hubby and now they're living together in vancouver. :)

You are certainly not alone. Have an end game and hopefully all will turn out for the best. Hopefully you’ll be together soon! :)
- Desi

Tuesday Aug 19 @ 05:11pm

Anonymous said: Hey, im in a relationship with my boyfriend of 6 months who lives in america and i live in australia, i love him to bits. But i hate the fact he wants me to go to america instead of him coming to australia. I have to work my ass off and save up money then get a passport but i will because i love him. I just feel like i always put in an offort in the relationship well i feel like he doesn't love me like i do him. Im just not really sure if i should go to america :/. Help.

Only go if he has intentions in the future to also visit you. Otherwise it would be completely unfair. I don’t think its fair on you to have to save and then have your boyfriend expect you to be the one who is always visiting.

Tuesday Aug 19 @ 05:09pm

Anonymous said: YES ITS JET LAG! thank youuuu! I've been trying to find it for moonthsss!

Hahaha excellent!
Glad I was able to help :D

Friday Aug 8 @ 06:06pm

Anonymous said: hey I was hoping you guys could help me with something! there's a long distance love song I heard a couple of months ago. it's sung by a male and he's singing about how his girlfriend or loved one is in a different timezone. there was something like 'I say goodnight you say goodmorning'. I'm really not sure how it goes exactly and I know it's a long shot but if you know what song I'm talking about pleaseeee help! thank you!!! :)

I’m almost 100% sure you’re thinking of Jet Lag- Simple Plan

Wednesday Aug 6 @ 08:02pm

Anonymous said: Hi. i have a question. is it important that i should please my ldrbf's friends? :( I mean. I'm not a very sociable person. I am shy. I have a history of being bullied and being judged. But I don't want his friends to have a bad image of me or so. Should I do something to please them? or just let it go and see whatever happens?

No I don’t really think it’s that important. Other people might say otherwise. You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to please his friends. Just say hi when you see them and talk to them a bit

Wednesday Aug 6 @ 07:44pm

happycrushing said: I met this guy thru omegle. i know thats not a safe place for LDR partners. last monday we call each other a official "LDR" were skyping he ask me to stand up and turn around I did that. he asked me to take off my shirt that moment i am so afraid and scared i thought knowing him is a big mistake after a sec he said he was just testing me after that i cried he also cried he said sorry many times. Please give me tips because until now I'm still afraid. I'm 16 and he's turning 17 this coming aug27.

What are you afraid of? It’s never a mistake to know someone no matter how it turns out in the end because that person is an experience to learn from, and it sounds like both of you have many things to learn from each other. It’s good that he didn’t try to pressure you into doing something you weren’t comfortable doing. If you trust him, over time you may become comfortable doing something like that and that’s okay. Or you might never feel safe revealing yourself and that’s okay too. Don’t ever feel like you have to do something you don’t want to do and if he respects you he will understand. You have nothing to be afraid of as long as you stay safe. 


Thursday Jul 31 @ 03:52am

themonochromia said: Hi, Is Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold on the list? It's a perfect ldr song. and one I'm dedicating to my ever lovely dearest back in the old country. Thanks! :)

This song definetly is!

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 07:18pm

Better together - Jack Johnson
Submitted by lesbianslovecats95

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 01:20pm

You Can - David Archuleta
Submitted by

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 10:40am

Life is better with you - Michael Franti
Submitted by

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 08:00am

3000 Miles - Emblem3

Submitted by anon

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 05:20am

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