gardenofwitheringtrust said: 'We have a mutual friend and i met her at a party once some years ago' if youre afraid to tell them. And thensay you found her again on the net

I don’t support followers in lying like that, sorry. When your parents eventually find out, which they will because they’re you’re parents. They’re going to be pissed that you lied to them.
 - Desi

Friday Oct 17 @ 06:17pm

Anonymous said: So how can I break the news to my parents that I met my girlfriend of 7 months over the internet?

by sitting them down and telling them you met over internet :P

Friday Oct 17 @ 06:07pm

Anonymous said: This guy I've had a thing with for 4 years (we live 1,071 miles apart) has recently been talking to me again. (We went through a bit of a rough patch but now we're good again.) prom is at the end of the year and a couple of years ago we had the plans of going to prom together. I want to go with him but I'm not sure he's too fond of the idea or really even wants to go... How can I bring it up and convince him to go with me?

I guess just bring it up randomly in conversation, like ‘hey do you remember a few years back when we spoke about taking each other to prom?’
you could say something like that and then take the conversation from there. You can see how he feels about it still. Dont try and convince him if he isn’t into it though, it might make him feel uncomfortable.

best of luck!
- Desi

Tuesday Oct 7 @ 12:32am

Anonymous said: Me and my Boyfriend have been together for 10 months and still haven't met. He was supposed to come next week but a lot of stuff came up. Is it wrong for me to be sad for the week thinking that he could of been here? I'm at the end for waiting. I just want him to hold me !

It’s definetly not wrong at all. It’s happened to me and i’m sure it’s happened to many others. I was so upset last year when several different dates passed that I was supposed to go see my boyfriend. It’s really upsetting. If you’ve come so close to being able to meet, then i’m sure you’ll be able to organise another meet up :)

- Desi

Monday Oct 6 @ 11:51pm

Anonymous said: well, i think this is the only place/people whom i can share my pain with since i can be anonymous. i really dont want to tell anybody this but the pain is eating me up inside and i feel so scared at the same time i understand but i feel extremely sad and again scared and hurt. My ldrbf (2yrs) is having problems with his studies, he is failing and lately everytime i try to help him by cheering him up, i always seem to fail, ending us up with a fight which is very unhelpful. I never want to be a

burden to him, who else would want that to the person you love? anyway, recently, his dad called me and asked what is happening to him because his grades are really failing, (we’re in college) and he asked me to somehow do something about it. Also, he asked me to minimze our communication. I understand what his dad wants. I really do. So that very same night, I called my bf and my agenda was to make him feel light by listening to his problems. Also, my last night of communicating to him bc i’mplanning to not communicate for atleast until this semester ends? (idk if its a good idea).. But it ended quite bad, and I really feel bad myself.. I’m really trying. I know that he is just too pressured and disturbed that’s why he cant concentrate well on his studies. but I guess this is really hard since we’re both miles apart. On his twitter, he was tweeting about stuff like he’s confused and he’s very sad about whats happening. I feel scared that I might lose him because of this. But what can I do? if I was the cause of his failing marks then there’s nothing I can do about that… it hurts so much if I’m gonna lose him. He is the one. I cant anymore expand that bc it would cause this message to become a book with chapters and pages.:’( I really really love him so much. I dont want to lose him, no i do not and will not want that ever. But I also dont want him to fail. :(( what should I do? Am I really that bad to be a burden on his part? I feel really sad. I guess I shouldprobably think this through the not communicating plan, i know God will proved me the answers. :(( thanks for listening. -0809.0710


I don’t think cutting your communication is a good idea. It’s probably never a good idea. What’s probably the best thing to do is maybe just set up certain times when you get to talk and don’t message eachother constantly throughout the day. Since that can be distruptive with school and assignments. You can help him to an extent but the rest is all on your boyfriend. He needs to work out a routine where he can work on is school and concentrate. You say he is the one, then be there for him always and tell him that. Does he need a tutor to help him with his studies?
I hope it all works out

- Desi

Monday Oct 6 @ 11:31pm

Anonymous said: I've been talking to a guy on skype for quite a while now and we've both admitted that we really care for each other. We talk about flying to meet each other and basically would be considered a long distance relationship, minus the relationship part. He's really scared I'm going to find someone else and "leave" him, so he doesn't want to make it "official." Do you have any suggestions on how to stop/calm his worrying? I care about him so so very much, and I know he really likes me.

I’ve said this a lot to many different people, I think time is the best thing for these kind of situations. Continue talking and just see where it goes. It’s the only thing you really can do for the moment. Reassure him when needed
- Desi

Monday Oct 6 @ 11:26pm

Anonymous said: I met a guy over the summer. We lived in the same dorm and flirted and this ended with us making out the last night. Weve continued talking on the phone and such and i feel like its more than just a fling now.. im really falling in love with him. Hes in asia and im in the states and we both are seniors in high school. Should i end it now before i fall for him? Me never seing him again is a definite possibility. Im too poor to visit him and he cant either, and we probably wont go to the same uni

If you both really care about each other, try and see where it goes. You’ll never know how the relationship might work out if you dont give it a shot. If you’re both serious then you might need to start putting aside some money if its possible to save for a trip.
- Desi

Monday Oct 6 @ 11:24pm

Anonymous said: how can you continue your relationship if many people are against with it? -_-

Are you actually asking me this question specifically or do you mean in general?
Because if you’re talking about me, its only my family that are against it and my friends support me in what I want to do. What my family think don’t change how I feel about my fiance.

If thats not what you were asking then all I can say is that you should do what you want and if you feel like it’s the best thing for you, then dont let what other people think affect your relationship.

- Desi

Monday Oct 6 @ 11:21pm

Anonymous said: I just got the best news:) my boy is flying across the country to take me to homecoming I've never been this happy in my life :):) we've been together for over 3 years and this is our first time seeing each other and I'm so nervous and happy and I can't wait

That’s fantastic news. You’re going to have an amazing time, take lots of photos :)

Monday Oct 6 @ 11:19pm

Anonymous said: My boyfriend (kinda) and i are in an ldr and whenever I get pissed about him being far away and try to leave he always manages to make me stay. Even when i think were never going to talk to eachother ever again he manages to come back to my life. Do you think that means anything at all?

I think it means that he really cares about you and he wants you in his life. I can’t see any other explaination
- Desi

Monday Oct 6 @ 11:18pm

Anonymous said: Hey there. So i've been with this guy for 2 years and I could only see him face to face for 5 times. And i'm going to his home for his next month. We've never kissed. Actually i've never kissed anyone before but i really want to kiss him. It's just i'm really worried. What if i'm not a good kisser? I want everything to be perfect when i'm with him. And i know that he wouldn't mind because he really loves me. It's just idk. What should I do?

You kiss him, silly! That’s what you do :)
Practise makes perfect. I was a bit worried my first time as well but after the first kiss it became a lot easier. Thats what will happen with you, i’m sure

Monday Oct 6 @ 11:18pm

Anonymous said: My ldr boyfriend of 3.5 years just stopped talking to me about a week ago. I'm close to his family and they said he hasn't gotten any of my texts/calls and idk I just don't know what's going on and I'm so hurt and confused.

I really dont know what words I could offer to help. Sure he’s gotten your texts or calls. He could be lying to his family. Is there anyone else you could message, like his friends to see what’s going on? I’m sorry this has happened :(

Monday Oct 6 @ 11:16pm

Anonymous said: I met a guy on a cruise in teen hang club this summer, everyday we hung out every night he walked me back to my room we would hug. We kissed on the last night :) He lives two states away, we agreed that we wont date yet bcuz of the distance. Hes a senior, Im a soph. 2 months later we are still talking, it almost feels like what we have got stronger. We both like each other, but my friends tell me to date some1 closer. I say no, bcuz I think I might love him. Am I right 2 stand up 4 my heart

Of course you are right to stand up for your heart. All of us here are doing that and we wouldnt be where we are if we didnt. You dont have to date someone closer if you don’t want too. See where the relationship goes :)
- Desi

Saturday Oct 4 @ 11:38am

Anonymous said: I'm so madly inlove with this guy i met and known for a year and like 3 months now. Before he said that i shouldn't take it seriously bc hes 4650 miles away and we stopped talking then talked again and now were so inlove with eachother. The problem is that i know ill never meet him. I just know it. Were from different religions (my parents being very strict of ours) and were from completely different worlds. Idk what to do i can't even get a visa to visit him where he is. :|

If you can’t get a visa, could he get a visa where you are? If you want to meet then you’ll make it happen eventually. I used to think that i’d never meet my boyfriend and I did. It just takes a lot of work. My parents are against the relationship but you need to fight for what you love. Work hard, save up and you and your boyfriend will eventually meet if it’s what you both want

- Desi

Saturday Oct 4 @ 11:36am

Anonymous said: 9 months later and I finally get to meet my man! No I'm not pregnant, I'm in an ldr! Over 8000 miles away and I have never felt so close to anyone. Even with our amazing differences! 80 days to go! Love this blog. Great advice and ladies running it.

Thank you! <3

Thursday Oct 2 @ 09:26pm

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