Anonymous said: I need advice. I really like this boy and i'm going to be a senior in high school in the fall and he's going off to college. We'll still be in the same state but I go to boarding school and I moved where my boarding school is technically because my mom moved out of the country and I live with my sister when i'm not at school. I honestly have really strong feelings for him and we've been spending a lot of time together and he feels the same way but he's going off to college. What do I do? :(

If you both really like each other then you should approach him about trying a long distance relationship. Have a talk about it and see where that leads you! LDRS are still possible even if the other is in college :)

Tuesday Jul 15 @ 11:51am

shoebabyz said: Pt. 1 I'm going to apologize beforehand for the long ask. :/My bf an I have been together for almost a year now but I feel like he's getting tired of me. Lately, we've barely been able to text it call and I've talked to him about it because I can't

understand why he can’t find time for me. As it turns out, he has hours of time that he could try to contact me, but he just chooses not to. He doesn’t put in nearly enough effort anymore and he knows how hard things are for me lately but  whenever I ask him to at least try a little harder for me, he always lets me down, and I don’t know what to do anymore.

Sometimes there are times in a relationship when things slow down. Sort of like the honey moon phase is over. Eventually things pick back up if you keep trying to communicate.  This is all really up to you. You need to see how things go and if later he’s still not making an effort to communicate you might need to talk to him seriously about it
- Desi

Tuesday Jul 15 @ 11:49am

Anonymous said: "They're going to put their frequent flyer points together and get me a seat" aka the BEST news i have gotten in nearly two years

omg that’s amazing news!
You must be so excited :)

Saturday Jul 12 @ 03:41pm

Drink a beer- Luke Bryan

Submitted by mwolf93

Thursday Jul 10 @ 05:28pm

Anonymous said: so, I live in Australia, I'm 20 and completely in love with a guy from Indonesia. We talk every day, whenever I visit him, I feel so happy. Problem is... my mother HATES him. She is afraid that he will take me away from her and i really don't know what to do. uhhhh, it would be so much easier if i had my family's support but I have no one to turn to... this guy and i talk like we are in a relationship and want to be with eachother, but he wants my mums blessing before he asks me... :( i love him

I’m from Australia too!
But yeah… I know exactly what you’re saying. My family hate my boyfriend as well and it’s been over 5 years now. I’ve tried a lot of things and nothing so far has work. Personally, I have given up but thats not to say that you should too!
I’ve tried getting my mum to speak to Ben on skype and she refused every single time. When he came to visit she sparked an arguement and that further cemented the hate. Perhaps he could write her an email/letter explaning how he feels. This is a tough situation and there is no one way to go about it. Eventually when she gets to meet him, that might soothe the tension. I’m sorry this advice isn’t very good. Everything I ever tried never work so I dont know how it works for other people :(
- Desi

Wednesday Jul 9 @ 09:10pm

I have a fan mail from michelllh , for some reason it will not let me respond and there is no option on your blog for me to send you an ask!
If you can send in an ask, i will respond through that.
I hope you see this Michell!

Wednesday Jul 9 @ 05:50pm

beingmisfit said: So ive been in a ldr before and longest one was almost a month, but my bf right now i feel we are gonna be together for a long time (weve been dating for 2weeks) but i really want us to have a song and i cant find the right one.. any good suggestions? maybe rock or country?

Alright try this.

Sunday Jul 6 @ 06:16am

Together in Electric Dreams — The Human League

Submitted by anon

Sunday Jul 6 @ 06:10am

Anonymous said: My boyfriend wants to jerk off to pictures of other girls because he finds them more attractive them me. Just like to point out how much this has boosted my ego knowing that they girls he thinks are better looking then me are skinnier or have bigger boobs, tattoos and stretchers. Also like to point out he keeps trying to make me stretch my ears but he knows I can't because I don't want to an I wouldn't be able to with the type of job I want.... Help me please.

Wow okay sorry but that is fucked up. He is disrespecting you by trying to make you change your body like that and comparing you to other girls. It’s okay to think other people are attractive, but it sounds like he’s being really rude about it. Forget trying to talk about it and reason with him, tell him if he doesn’t shape up and start respecting you you’re going to break up with him. And then go through with it if he doesn’t stop. I’m sorry if I sound harsh right now, but I wouldn’t tolerate anyone being less than a decent human being and putting me down like that. You deserve much better. 


Sunday Jul 6 @ 06:03am

So many music submissions to post
We’ll get there eventually!

Thursday Jul 3 @ 09:48pm

dearmirandacountmein said: I just started a temporary LDR and I'm going to see him for the first time in a few months. Is it normal to be nervous/scared? Thanks!

It is normal to be a bit anxious before meeting? I was so anxious before I met my boyfriend, I was nervous the second time too haha

I probably will be when the third time comes as well. It’s totally normal and once you meet you won’t feel scared at all :)
- Desi

Wednesday Jul 2 @ 04:59pm

Anonymous said: I got home from an exchange year to America about a month ago (I'm from Germany). Me and this guy have been friends since the first day we met, about 2 months ago we started dating. We only had a short time together but it was the most amazing time of my life. Now we talk every day and skype as often as we can. We're so in love... :) We both really want to make this work, but we have to wait 2 years. We're both 18. I don't know how to deal with missing him so much... I miss him so much it hurts

I know how that feels, it’s really hard to deal with. It took me about 3 months to really get a grip on everything from when I came home. The first few months were really hard and slowly now (it’s been 5 months since i got back from Canada) things start to look up and then you think oh shit, i only have a year and a half to go!
I’m at also looking at about 2 years right now and while it sucks a lot I can’t do anything about it. Money is tight and it doesn’t grow on trees :(
Do everything you can to make sure that in 2 years you 100% get to see each other because there’s nothing worse than failed meet ups.
- Desi

Sunday Jun 29 @ 09:46pm

beingmisfit said: thank you for the advice, and yea we facetime almost everynight and fall asleep while talking. He texts me first and puts me before almost anything and he is amazing, and yes im 14

I turned 14 two weeks before Ben and I started dating :)

That was 5 years and 7 months ago now. So you have some hope!

Sunday Jun 29 @ 05:34pm

beingmisfit said: Hi so i have been in LDR's before and they didnt work out.. Im in one right now and everyone is saying its not going to work out either but i really want it to and everyones saying "hes cheating" because ive never met him. I want to be with him for a long long time, im not supposed to date so my parents dont know about him.. he lives in kansas im in oregon... any good advice?

I can probably say on behalf of the ldr community that at the start of all of our relationships, atleast one person had the nerve to say ‘it’s not going to work out’ ‘how do you know he/she is cheating’ it’s fucking annoying and I dealt with it by saying it’s my relationship, i know my boyfriend really well and you don’t have to meet in person to actually know someone. That’s a fact and it’s true!
If the both of you communicate well, trust each other and skype then you should have no problems. As for your parents, if you’re not allowed to date I’m assuming you’re younger than 17. It’s a touchy subject but tell them about it before they find out is all I can say. They wont like it if you’ve been going behind their back.  I wish I was more honest with my parents at the start of my relationship.

- Desi

Sunday Jun 29 @ 12:57pm

Who watches Catfish?

Saturday Jun 28 @ 09:16pm

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