happycrushing said: I met this guy thru omegle. i know thats not a safe place for LDR partners. last monday we call each other a official "LDR" were skyping he ask me to stand up and turn around I did that. he asked me to take off my shirt that moment i am so afraid and scared i thought knowing him is a big mistake after a sec he said he was just testing me after that i cried he also cried he said sorry many times. Please give me tips because until now I'm still afraid. I'm 16 and he's turning 17 this coming aug27.

What are you afraid of? It’s never a mistake to know someone no matter how it turns out in the end because that person is an experience to learn from, and it sounds like both of you have many things to learn from each other. It’s good that he didn’t try to pressure you into doing something you weren’t comfortable doing. If you trust him, over time you may become comfortable doing something like that and that’s okay. Or you might never feel safe revealing yourself and that’s okay too. Don’t ever feel like you have to do something you don’t want to do and if he respects you he will understand. You have nothing to be afraid of as long as you stay safe. 


Thursday Jul 31 @ 03:52am

themonochromia said: Hi, Is Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold on the list? It's a perfect ldr song. and one I'm dedicating to my ever lovely dearest back in the old country. Thanks! :)

This song definetly is!

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 07:18pm

Better together - Jack Johnson
Submitted by lesbianslovecats95

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 01:20pm

You Can - David Archuleta
Submitted by

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 10:40am

Life is better with you - Michael Franti
Submitted by

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 08:00am

3000 Miles - Emblem3

Submitted by anon

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 05:20am

So Soon - The Graves

Submitted by letsbethelove

Wednesday Jul 30 @ 02:40am

Life After You - Daughtry
Submitted by florine-karenina

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 09:20pm

King Charles-Coco Chitty

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 06:40pm

There’s still atleast 20 + songs to add on to  the queue but I think i’ve done enough for one night!

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 06:29pm

lesbianslovecats95 said: I want to submit some songs that are not on your master list. They have have been wonderful when my girlfriend and I miss each other. They are Life Is better with you by micheal franti and spearhead, you can by david archuleta, and better together by jack johnson.

I don’t think the masterlist will ever get updated haha.. :’(
But these songs weren’t on here anyway. Better together might be but i’ll add it to the queue anyway
Thanks for these songs!

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 06:15pm

77 followers away till we reach 5k followers!
This is amazing :D
- Desi

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 06:08pm

letsbethelove said: So soon by The Graves is such a cute song!

You’re cute! Thanks for sending in :D

It’s been added to the queue. I’m working overdrive on the asks on here

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 05:58pm

florine-karenina said: Daughtry-Life after you ;)

Added to the queue, thanks lovely!

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 05:55pm

Need you Now -Lady Antebellum
Submitted by anon

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 05:53pm

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