ninaxninaxballerina said: I would just like to say thank you for your blog SO MUCH. My LDR has been rough but after listening to so many songs on here, my boyfriend (now fiance, as of this afternoon!) from France is moving to the US to live with me, and we're getting married next year. This blog helped me get through those tough days, and I proudly say we got our "theme song" from this blog. ("It's Worth It I Promise" - General Ghost). I just wanna tell everyone, IT IS WORTH IT I PROMISE! :) Don't give up! <3

Congratulations! <3 So glad this blog could do all of that for you :)
- Desi

Saturday Sep 13 @ 12:32pm

Would anyone care to check out a gofundme page from one of my most favourite LDR bloggers longdistanceliefde?

This is the link

Wednesday Sep 3 @ 01:39pm

I’ve been going through some personal family things for the last week and next week I will be away so the asks may go unanswered.

Sorry guys :(

Thursday Aug 28 @ 09:27am

Anonymous said: i've been talking to this guy for over 3months already, we've facetime'd and all. thing is, we live on different continents. literally, the opposite side of the world. our time difference alone is 13hours. we've talked about moving it further, but he said he can't cause of the distance and all. and i think maybe of the age difference, he's 27 and i'm 21. anyway, my question is, do you think there's a possibility it would blossom to a relationship?

You both have to be willing to give it a shot if you want to have a relationship. If he doesn’t really want to do it, it will just make it that much harder on you. I understand the skepticism and if he needs convincing here is a blog full of people who are making it work! You can’t force him into it though, so don’t try. Sometimes people just can’t deal with distance for various reasons. And if that’s the case with him the best thing to do is respect his decision, hard as that may be. 


Wednesday Aug 27 @ 12:16pm

Anonymous said: Rebecca: just wanted to drop a thanks for your help:) youre totally right, and I honestly SO appreciated your positive and objective look into my life:) the bf and I are doing SO good, and I get to see him in only TWO days!!! This wouldnt have happened without your positive advice, and I thank you for screwing my head back on straight:) truly hope you and your special someone are having a heck of a fun time with this exciting time of life:)

You’re welcome :) I’m glad I was able to help! Have a totally great time together :)

Wednesday Aug 27 @ 12:06pm

Anonymous said: My fiance and I have been together four years, most of which has been long distance. He moved away with his parents before graduating high school, and is now going to college there. He visits once or twice a year. I live by myself, and usually I don't mind, but right after he leaves I feel so crippling alone. I don't have friends or family, and I'll be fine in a week or two, but it's so unbearable right after he leaves. Do you have any tips to help get through the initial loneliness?

Honestly? I don’t have any tips at all. I know EXACTLY how you feel and there’s nothing that can make me feel better other than a skype call. I wish I had better advice for this but it’s never easy and there really is nothing that can help that initial feeling :(
- Desi

Monday Aug 25 @ 07:52pm

We have a LOT of asks to answer and it’s probably going to take some time :(

Monday Aug 25 @ 07:50pm

Anonymous said: do you have any tips for introducing my ldr boyfriend to my mother for the first time? She talked to him through skype for a few minutes before I went down there for the first time months ago but now he's coming up here for a visit and I'm really nervous about it. He's so wonderful and I want her to like him.

You could always try another skype call with her. If he’s really nice and polite to your mum, i’m sure things should flow smoothly! I hope they do :)

- Desi

Monday Aug 25 @ 07:46pm

Anonymous said: My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year and he recently moved about an hour away.We cant meet as often as wed like and hes afraid we might break up.How can I show him things will work out? (Since its fairly easy for us to meet)

Reassure him that you won’t. The best thing for this is time. The future will prove that you wont break up.  As time  goes on and youre still together your boyfriends worries might go away

Monday Aug 25 @ 07:45pm

Anonymous said: My boyfriend (kind of, it's complicated,) is moving off to his second year of college in about 7 months. He'll be staying for six years and we won't be able to see each other during that time much at all really. Maybe twice a year. This is going to be extremely hard for me because he's going to miss all of my milestones and me growing up as a person. I'm scared because I'm sure he'll find someone better, though he told me he only wants me. How can I get through six years without him?

If you get to visit each other during the 6 years i’m sure it would be more than fine. Most couples don’t even get to see their SO twice a year :(
Once you get into a routine you might find that it becomes a little bit easier. He wont miss out on you growing up as a person. You will still be together and talking all the time, so don’t worry about  that.  Make plans for your visits and you’ll find easier to go through all the time apart
- Desi

Monday Aug 25 @ 07:43pm

Anonymous said: I guess long distance relationships aren't for everyone huh? no matter how much time and effort you put to make it work. no matter strong you are, no matter how you guys love each, other it will still not work because it's not for everyone...

This really can go for all sorts of relationships. Sometimes they just dont work out and you gotta keep your chin up!

Monday Aug 25 @ 07:38pm

sneaselkat said: Hey, I know you get a lot of ldr problem asks, so I thought I'd share a success story for inspiration! We met over facebook of all places, he lived in Canada while I lived in Tennessee. A month before i left to boot camp, he traveled on a looong bus trip from Ottawa to Memphis just to see me. It was the best week ever. We've met a few times since, but a year later and we are happily married and living together in Charleston!

That is really great! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Saturday Aug 23 @ 03:33am

Anonymous said: All of his friends love me, but mine hate him. He stayed here for a week, I planned group evenings for them to get to know him & all that - they didn't show up or talk to him, have decided that they dont like him, push for me to see his flaws & for me to break up with him. He's my only friend, my parents are my only supporters. Im not interested in drama, I leave for a missions trip next year & can make real friends then, but I have a year til then. How do I get my "friends" to like him for now?

Short answer: you can’t. If they didn’t even try to get to know him while he was around, they’re not going to suddenly like him now. You don’t need any of that negativity. Hang out with people who will be supportive instead and don’t let anyone get between you two. Stay strong :)


Saturday Aug 23 @ 02:38am

vynddori said: Hi! My girlfriend and I are in a ldr. I don't actually know if I should call it that, she lives an hour or two away. Her mum might not let her see me, she doesn't know she has a girlfriend because she doesn't know she's bisexual. My girlfriend is scared to come out so it's not a problem with us really, I understand. I just want our relationship to work. She's the girl of my dreams, but I'm worried that if we don't see each other often, our relationship might end. I don't know what to do.

Keep good communication and even if you don’t get to see each other that often you can still maintain your relationship. Can either of you drive? You could meet somewhere public and she can tell her mum she’s hanging out with friends. If there aren’t any problems with you two you should be okay. 


Saturday Aug 23 @ 02:25am

tatianaskye26 said: Okay so I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 2 months but before that, I waited 5 months for him to figure out I liked him. We live in the same town, so we see eachother a lot. But his dad's job might make them move to Germany.. And the odds of him staying here are reallyy slim.. I don't know what to do because Ive been in ldr's before, but not one with the other person being that far away. I'm so scared.. When he leaves it's gonna kill me.. What should i do? /:

If you both really like each other than try another ldr and see how you go. You’ll never know if you dont try!
Im from australia and my boyfriend is from Canada. It’s pretty far away but it’s definetly do-able :)

Thursday Aug 21 @ 07:32pm

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