catastrophicris said: i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. this long distance tumblr actually gives decent and mature advice. thank you for properly giving people realistic advice (especially the younger ones who need it most)

Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad the advice we give is helpful. 

Tuesday Sep 30 @ 01:36pm

catastrophicris said: how is your ldr doing?

Thanks for asking :) Desi took the last one so I guess it’s my turn. 

Well my ldr is going well. I still have no idea when I’ll get to see him but we’re doing okay. Somehow we still find ways to grow closer. He just started university so over the summer he got a new laptop which means we get to skype a lot more frequently which is great! Other than obviously the distance bit I’m happy with my relationship and still in awe that this is even happening. 


Tuesday Sep 30 @ 01:24pm

Anonymous said: My boyfriend and I have been together three years in October. He only lives about two hours away but I only get to see him once a month or so. We met at work, dated a year and then lived together a year. About a year ago, things with our roommate went sideways so he moved in with a friend out of town and I moved home. I am hoping to move to where he is before the year ends. It has been so hard not seeing him. Nobody thought we would stay together. But it made us stronger. He is my future.

That’s great to hear :) I hope everything goes well for you! 

Tuesday Sep 30 @ 12:51pm

Anonymous said: Can a relationship survive if you only communicate once or twice a week? :(

I would say that it depends on the relationship. If you guys are doing okay and that’s really as often as you can talk and it’s working for you then that should be fine. If you’re not satisfied with how often you’re communicating and it’s because one of you isn’t putting in the effort you might want to talk about that and see if there’s something you can do to change things so you’re content. These things are different for every relationship, it all depends on your circumstances.


Tuesday Sep 30 @ 12:47pm

smokeandglory said: Suggestion! Quelqu'un m'a dit by Carla Bruni.

merci beaucoup!

Saturday Sep 20 @ 09:56am

Qeulqu’un m’a dit — Carla Bruni

Submitted by smokeandglory

Saturday Sep 20 @ 09:55am

Sometimes the Sun — The Lashes

Submitted by anon

Saturday Sep 20 @ 09:47am

Anonymous said: My boy and I have 5,000 miles between us, and we've had a lot of ups and downs through the past year. Anyway, we shared youtube account info (for actual business reasons--long story), and I was surprised to find he left some songs in my history for me to listen to (he's a romantic type). I wanted to do it back, and this tumblr helped me find some good ones, so thank you! Also, my boy sent me this one, and I noticed it's not on the master list. Sometimes the Sun by The Lashes. Totally amazing!

Aww, that is really sweet! I’ll add that one right now :)

Saturday Sep 20 @ 09:45am

Anonymous said: My long distance boyfriend and I have known each other for about 8-9 years now, though we only started dating last April :p BUT I FINALLY AM GOING TO MEET HIM AND HIS FAMILY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN DECEMBER, and I am very excited. Your playlists and just blog in general have helped me so much and I just wanted to thank you <3 I hope life is treating you well. Best of wishes c:

Oh my gosh thats so exciting! You must be feeling over the moon right now. Have the best time! <3

Thursday Sep 18 @ 05:55pm

Anonymous said: This guy and I met on tinder and we have skyped basically every night and have a major connection that we both have never felt before. How do I tell my parents without telling them we met online. We have 2mutual friends and he lives only an hour away

Sometimes it’s best to honest with them. I mean you could meet up with him with you mutual friends and say you met him through your friends. But if your parents found out you lied,I think it would be way worse.
- Desi

Thursday Sep 18 @ 05:54pm

comeinwiththemilk said: i've been with my girlfriend for nearly 4 years now. We live 3 and a half hours apart and always make time to see each other every week (if possible). She's always been against having a long distance relationship and has always wanted me to move to her. Having the job of my dreams I can't move to her, and she won't move to me because of her family and friends. I've offered to meet in the middle and live there. but she wants to stay close to home... I don't know what to do...

This is seriously a tough situation. One of you has to be willing to move or compromise and agree on it. You’ve made your compromise and she doesn’t want to comply. I don’t think you should give up on your dream job if it means you won’t be able to do something very similar where your girlfriend lives. I personally dont want to move to Canada (sorry our canadian followers) because i want to stay with my family and friends. I really love my boyfriend though and he doesnt want to move here because of the work he wants to do. So I’m going to move. You really need to talk about it seriously. Would her moving be as bad as breaking up? Because if she doesn’t move and you won’t move, that’s what will end up happening :(
- Desi

Thursday Sep 18 @ 05:52pm

pretty-handsome-awkwardd said: Hihi. First off, I love your blog <3 Anyways, I've been with my boyfriend going on 3 months, and I can tell we're gonna be together for a long time. We're meeting November of 2015, and it's so far away but it's worth it. He lives in the UK and I'm in Ohio. Do you think you can suggest an ldr song? Rock/alternative maybe? Thank you! <3

Thank ya
If these sheets were the states by all time low is a good one

Thursday Sep 18 @ 05:48pm

Anonymous said: so I met my boyfriend this summer he was visiting with his family. and it has been the best summer of my life but the worst part was he lives 8000 miles away from me in australia. he left 2 go back home about 2 months ago and we both really wanted to try 2 make the relationship work so we decided 2 try an LDR, it has been good so far but now things are started to go a little downhill. the other day he asked me if we could take a break for a while and im scared that its going to end what do I do?

You just need to stay positive and hope for the best! I hope by now that things have worked out because I know this ask has been sitting here for a while :(

Thursday Sep 18 @ 05:47pm

Anonymous said: I met this guy a couple of months ago. It started out as a simple liking towards him, then it turned into a crush, and now I'm madly in love with him. Thankfully, he likes me back. But we can't be together because of the 8-9 year age difference between us. I have 2-3 more years to go until I'm 18. Not bad, yeah, but I'm scared he's gonna be taken from me or lose interest by then. I want a relationship with him so bad, whether we're miles apart or not. I've been crying nonstop over this...

Lots of people have different views about having such a large age gap. I’m one of those people who doesn’t think it’s a great idea to date someone 9 years older than you when you’re already probably 16. If in a few years you’re still together then hopfully you can make it work. You have to think about the long term. Your boyfriend might want to have children in a few years and be ready for marriage. Are you ready for that? You might need to talk about some long term situations to gauge where you are both at
- Desi

(I’m sorry if people disagree with me, if you do, post your advice)

Thursday Sep 18 @ 05:45pm

Anonymous said: I've been with my girlfriend for a year now. We haven't met yet.. My mom doesn't exactly approve of my relationship, so it's hard for me to just leave and see her when I could possibly get kicked out of my home. I promised her I'd see her in April and she said she would wait. But she's getting so impatient she wants to break it off.. How can I keep her? What can I do to make her smile again every day and just be excited for the day I go see her? I don't want to lose her ..

I have been in this same situation, being worried about getting kicked out because i went to visit my boyfriend. It’s honestly so scary to have to think about it. I really wanted to go see him so I did and I risked being kicked out of home. Thankfully I didn’t. You can’t ‘keep’ someone. If she really wants to stay then she will. You can’t make her stay. Tell her how you feel about this and hope that she understands.
- Desi

Thursday Sep 18 @ 05:40pm

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